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thoughts of a dog from a human.
Too bad no one had fun this weekend (Taken with Instagram at Temple Billiards)
Yup still here @tedore @jvanny @jonpagan @catherinite  (Taken with Instagram at Pecado Bueno)
So true (Taken with instagram)
Saturdays are take your dog to work day (Taken with Instagram at Downtown Seattle)
Taken with instagram
Never get tired of this view (Taken with instagram)
Goodnight (Taken with instagram)
Taken with instagram
Happy birthday lunch to me (Taken with instagram)
Sleepy @robigonz  (Taken with instagram)
Someone made me an amazing birthday cake (Taken with instagram)
Seattle Department of Planning and Development is exactly like the DMV. And it sucks. (Taken with Instagram at Seattle Municipal Tower)
All…time (Taken with Instagram at Alpental Ski Area)